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Polywarmtone featuring Multigrade

Finally we have a good gradation range again but filter values are out of range (you would need to set totally different values than with other papers to achieve the soft or hard grade). You can see the PW new filtered to hard and soft-...

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ADOX Cameras

Despite the fact that ADOX Cameras have been out of production for over 40 years now, they are still popular. One of the main advantages of analogue photography is it´s simplicity. These standard amateur cameras manufactured over 40 years ago still operate perfectly today. Please understand...

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May I use film if I am a Vegan?

This is a philosophical question and we cannot answer it for you. Yes our films use gelatin, like any other film, no matter if colour or black and white, manufactured by whichever company you aproach. You will not find any coated product in the entire imaging industry...