MCP 310/312 RC Paper

Due to the very competitive prices of RC papers and the elevated production  costs in Germany MCP can currently not be produced at competitive prices.

Premium resin coated photopaper with outstanding image quality

The emulsions for this paper are being produced on the original Agfa machinery which ADOX purchased together with former Agfa engineers from the liquidator of AgfaPhoto in Leverkusen.
They are identical in all measurable parameters with the papers formerly sold by Agfa under the “Agfa Multicontrast Classic” name.
This paper is among the technologically most advanced papers in the world. With its four separately made emulsions which are coated together it yields a range of achievable contrasts from 0 to 5,5. Other variable contrast papers, especially those with only one emulsion layer, reach at the outermost grade 4.
The paper is made from selected raw ingredients which are all carefully tested for their photographic properties prior to emulsification. In advance of every coating run several test runs are being undertaken on smaller machines in order to guarantee perfect batch to batch consistency.

This paper achieves a great tonal range and crispy blacks.

The paper can be dried easily and tones nicely.

Resin coated photopaper with variable contrast and high paper speed.

  • Range of achievable gradations: 0 to 5,5
  • Tonality: Neutral black to warm black.
  • DMAX: > 2,2
  • RC base, white
  • Available surfaces: glossy (310) and semi matt/pearl (312)*
  • Safelight: red or orange. Other safelights only after an apropriate test (see instructions)

*MCP´s 312 surface can be best compared to Ilford´s 44M (Pearl) and Fomas 313 (Velvet). It shows deep blacks but no noticeable surface structure.
Ilford´s 24M (Satin) and Fomas 312 are matter then MCP 312.


Emulsion numbers and keeping properties of MCC/MCP:


Keeping properties are:

At Room temperature about 3 years

Below 15°C about 5 years

Below 6°C about 8 years after the production date

The keeping properties depend to a lage extend on the storage conditions!

adox mcp 312

The date is given in a German format: MM-YY. The example above was produced April – 2009.
All ADOX branded MCP papers showing no production date have been produced September 2008.

Made in Germany

*”Agfa Multicontrast Premium” is a registered trademark of AgfaPhoto GmbH i.L.
*”Agfa” is a registered trademark of Agfa Gevaert, Belgium
*”AgfaPhoto” is a registered trademark of AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH Leverkusen which is licensed from Agfa Gevaert, Belgium