Ultrafinegrain developer with very good speed utilisation and extremely high compensating factor

Universal ultra-finegrain developer for all types of B/W materials with extremely good equalizing and speed utilization of all film types.

Very good to push process films.
Due to its superior equalizing capacity it can also process hard working film types like ADOX ORTHO 25 yielding negatives which can be printed on a grade 2 paper.
Packaged in three individual powder bags to mix either 1  Liter or 5 Liters of stock solution.

Can be diluted to be used as a one shot developer 1+1 or 1+2.
Depending on dilution to process up to 20 films.

Use this developer for:

High speed films (fine grain, very good speed utilisation)
Portraits and landscapes if you prefer smooth grey areas without too much accutance
Universally as a standard for all film types

Package sizes:

To mix 1 Liter

To mix 5 liters


ATOMAL is very well suited for push-development. In this case an underexposed film is developed for a longer time to adjust the medium greytones to a normal contrast. The rule of thumb for pushing a film is:

Plus 1 Stop (e.g. 400 ASA to 800 ASA): Developing time x 1,33

Plus 2 Stops (e.g. 400 ASA to 1600 ASA): Developing time x 1,33²

Deep tank processing:

ATOMAL is a standard in proifessional labs. It can be supplied in 35 Liter packages on request and there is a dedicated replenisher in 5 liter packs available.

ATOMAL stays replenished for months if not even years without a change. This makes it very economic and even environmentally friendly despite its classic ingredients. It just lasts so long that the discarded amount per film is aproaching zero.

Developing timetable (2009)

Mixing Instructions:

ATOMAL 1 Liter Mixing

ATOMAL 5 Liter Mixing

Atomal is a registered trademark of ADOX

Made in Germany