CMS 20 reversal processed (slide)

CMS 20 reversal processed (slide)

We received stunning slides from our customer Henning Serger who had them processed over at Studio 13´s in Stuttgart in their Scala process.

The resolution is impressive. You can keep blowing up the slide until the lamp of your projector gives up and still you won´t see any grain!

Scala is a very equalizing process and it also pushes the film´s speed so you will have greyscales and you will find decent shadow detail but do not expect both to be the same as in ADOTECH. However if the scenes contrast is not to high and your image allows the slides to be  a bit on the contrasty side you can blow everyone away in your audience when you insert such a slide.

Sample images (Imacon scanner at highest resolution- naturally grain free):

Jaguar_Scala_Entwicklung_small Porsche_Scala_Development_small Kopie