ADOX *SNAP ON* Gelatin Filters


The ADOX gelatin filter series features three innovations:


  • The patented *SNAP-ON*-design allows a direct “screw-in” of the geltine filter into the cameras filter thread. You do not need any additional tools or an expensive “filter-holder”.
  • ADOX Gelatine filters are made with the world famous Cibachrome dyes. This makes them light fading resistant.
  • The filters are coated on our former Ilford-Switzerland coating machine in Marly. They benefit from the wide Know How of the swiss experts. The coating has been modified with modern polymers so the filters can resist rain drops and a short wash under (cold) water.


In short time the range will be further extended. The goal of this new line is to get enthusiasts started in light filtration to enjoy the creativity conected with it. Obviously a 7 EUR gelatine filter is not a full replacement for a 30 EUR brass mount double sided AH coated glass filter. But they can show you how much fun is in light filtering and then you can still buy a professional one. If you shoot in direct sunlight the use of a lens shade is recomended as with all filters. Do not shoot directly into the sun unless you can cope with some flare.

Gelatine-Filters are made just like a photographic film. Instead of the light sensitive silver halides dyes are dissolved in the gelatine layer. ADOX gelatine filters feature in addition a scratch and water resistant* protection layer.

*Within limits.

The ADOX *Snap-On* gelatine filter series currently features:

  • Yellow Filter
  • Infrared Filter 2X
  • 85B conversion Filter

ADOX HR-50 without filter

ADOX HR-50 with yellow filter. Exposure +1/2

ADOX HR-50 with red filter IR-2X. Exposure +1