Black&white film with a classic look

We have tried to match CHS 100 II as closely as possible to CHS 100 type I featuring:

  • a rock solid classic emulsion system which has been out there for decades
  • a sensitization close the one of the old CHS 100
  • a single layer emulsion
  • the same base material including the option of reversal processing
  • an optimized backside coating to fully prevent light piping if the film is loaded in subdued light
  • a special anti halation layer between the emulsion and base for enhanced sharpness
  • a full set of formats from 35mm to ULF off the shelve
  • a state of the art cascade coating avoiding all problems associated with older CHS100 Type I productions


The new film is manufactured in Germany under strict quality control with state of the art emulsion making, coating and confectioning. All problems which might have been present with the old film manufactured by FOTOKEMIKA no longer exist- yet the positive aspects could be preserved.

* Certain tips which we have published in combination with the older type I film like using only ion-exchanged water or prewatering the film before the development are still a good thing to do but because of the more modern coating and hardening of the emulsion not required anymore.

Technical description:


ADOX CHS 100 II is an orthopanchromatically sensitized B/W film with classical grain and a sensitization optimized for greyscale separation.
The film is made from two separate emulsions in a single layer coating and yields a very large exposure latitude.
Due to its classic sensitization it features a very harmonic tonal separation.
Compared to modern films it differentiates better between lips/face, clouds/sky, water/land.
The film is coated onto clear archival PET.

ADOX CHS 100 II and can be reversal processed (including the sheetfilms).
Due to the backside Layer the sheetfilms are retouchable with photo dyes.

In the 35mm and 120 format ADOX CHS100 II has two anti halation layers.

• Between the emulsion and the base (AHU)
• On the backside layer (anti halation, anti lightpiping and non curling)

Due to the extra AHU layer in the miniature and 120 format there are slight differences in the developing times between those films and the ADOX CHS 100 II sheetfilm.
In order to achive a medium contrast of 0,65 reduce the sheetfilm developing times by about 10%.

Films coated onto PET are subject to the lightpiping effect and must be loaded in the shade.

Rollfilms tend to spring open so they need to be held even more tightly than triacetate films when loading into the camera.

Tanning developers (Pyrogallol / Brentkatechin) are not recomended for Films with an AHU as they can cause tiny emulsion liftoffs.

Technical Data

Speed: 100 ASA / 21° DIN
Base miniature film: 
Polyester (PET) 100 micron
Base medium format 120 film: 
Polyester (PET) 100 micron
Base sheetfilms: 
Polyester (PET) 175 micron
Anti halation: 
AHU plus backside AH/NC layer (35mm and medium format 120)
Anti halation sheetfilms: 
Backside AH/NC layer
Low due to NC layer

Available Formats

Available Sizes:

• Super8 (One testbatch manufactured in 2014 to trigger the market, currently unavailable)
• Miniature film 135/36
• Medium format 120 film in preparation (no release date at present)
• Sheetfilms in all sizes up to 20x24“