Free of any borates
Dissolves within 2-3 minutes
As safe as liquid chemistry
1 Liter packaging available

The most modern and eco friendly ascorbic acid developer

Well balanced film developer based on ascorbic acid yielding full box speed negatives with high sharpness and very fine grain. Hydroquinone-free and without boric acid content yet with improved storage capacities compared to earlier ascorbic-acid developer recipes.
The dissolving speed has been reduced to only 2-3 minutes.
ADOX CAPTURA dust binding technology lets you mix this powder chemical without inhaling chemical dust.

The developing times and resulting curves are identical with XTOL produced prior to 2019 and sold in aluminum compound bags.

Advantages over similar working recipes like Xtol, Excel or LegacyPro Eco:

– Free of borates
– Biodegradable Komplexer
– Not health risk through chemical dust while mixing
– Increased solubility
– Better keeping properties

Made and packaed by ADOX in Germany and Switzerland.

The innovative CAPTURA treatment of powder chemistry is binding smaller particles to the larger ones yielding a more homogenous mixture so that our powders do not produce dust or odours when poured out of the bag. ADOX powder chemistry also dissolves faster than conventional mixes without CAPTURA.

Inhaling substances can be almost fully prevented.

Your workspace stays neat and clean.

Once dissolved CAPTURA vanishes. It is water soluble, non toxic and biodegradable.

Powder chemistry is the future. It stays fresh longer and can easily be transported everywhere with less transporting weight.

With CAPTURA there is no more reason not to use powders.

CAPTURA IS an invention and registered trademark of adox fotowerke switzerland gmbh
Processing film with XT-3

XT-3 is a powder concentrate. You dissolve part I and II one after the other into warm water and wait until each powder part powder has completely dissolved.

Due to the ADOX CAPTURA technology this procedure could be shortened to less than 3 minutes per bag.

After this XT-3 should be cooled down for a few hours.

There are three ways how a powder developer can be used:

  • Dilution 1+1 and the use as a one shot developer
  • Re-use of the stock soultion with a prolonging of the developing times after the 5th film
  • Re-use of the stock solution with replenishment (if replenisher is available)


In the use of 1+1 dilution you can e.g. dilute 150ml of stock solution with 150 ml of tempered water to make 300ml of ready to use developer.

In this case the standard stock solution developing time has to be extended by about the factor of 1,5. But there are many dedicated developing times already calculated for 1+1 as well.

The developer is depleted if you do not have any more stock solution to dilute.


In the case of re-using the stock solution you can process up to 10 rolls per liter. After the 5th film the developing time has to be increased by 1 minute for each following film in order to make up for the developers exhaustion.


In case of using the stock solution together with a dedicated repelisher there will be a given amount of replenisher (usually around 80 to 100ml) which you add to your stock solution to make up for the partial exhaustion. If necessary discard excess stock solution to keep the volume at 1 Liter. XT-3 as well as XTOL can be self replenished. This means fresh stock solution of regular developer can be used to replenish.


The 1 Liter package is made to mix 1.000ml of working solution.

The respective capacity is 10 films.

The 5 Liter package is made to mix 5.000ml of working solution

The respective capacity is 50 films.

Keeping properties and storage:

The unopened powder bags can be kept for at least 2 years after the production date without any impact on the developers activity.

Once mixed XT-3 should be filled in dark glass bottles filled to the top or topped up with protective gas (alternatively throw in clean glass marbles to taise the level of liquid). Prepared like this the stock solution should keep at least 6 weeks and up to 6 months depending on storage conditions and depletion of the solution.

Keep between 10 and 25 degrees C in a dry and dark space.