Powder photo chemistry is in every sense superior to liquid: easier to ship, lasting longer in storage and taking less space. Except one major downside: the white toxic-smelling cloud arising during mixing, making those nearby turn away and sneeze.

The Captura ® innovative dust-binding technology, developed and introduced by Adox, holds smallest particles of powder chemistry together until dissolved in water.

Powders with Captura® can be mixed in relatively small environments, as the photographer/lab technician is safe from inhaling chemical dust, with the workspace remaining dust-free too.

Once dissolved, CAPTURA simply vanishes. The CAPTURA binder is water soluble, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Products featuring the Captura ® technology:

• Adotol Konstant High capacity paper developer
• Atomal 49 Fine-grain compensating film developer

• Adostop Eco-friendly stop bath

• Adofix P II – Eco-friendly fast-mixing express fixer

• XT-3 – Modern and eco-friendly film developer

*CAPTURA is an Invention and registered trademark of ADOX FOTOWERKE SWITZERLAND GMBH