Powder developer yielding neutral black image tones.

Powder developer with exceptional capacity and long standing in the tray. The ultimative working horse for the professional lab. And it develops…and it develops…and it develops…

Now with ADOX unique CAPTURA dust binding technolgy against odours and chemical powders in your lab.

Powder to mix:

1 Liter of working solution

5 Liters of working solution

Powder mixes are not further diluted. The one Liter bag mixes one liter. The mix, however, lasts longer and has more capacity than the coresponding mix of a working solution from a liquid concentrate.




Due to increased chemical regulations we are no longer allowed to package the developer in 2 parts. Thus it does not keep “forever” as a powder mixture.

As with any photo chemistry please make sure to use this product within 2 years from the day of purchase.