ADOX Fixer, stopbath and aids

Express-powder-fixer. Thanks to CAPTURA as safe to use as a liquid concentrate and almost as quick to mix.

Express fixer with a sophisticated buffer system suitabel for machines and trays. Long lasting and high capacity.

ECO friendly odourless stopbath with indicator. Thanks to ADOX CAPTURA fast mixing and as safe to use as a liquid concentrate.

ECO friendly odourless indicator stopbath. Shifts in color when the bath is depleted.

Wetting agent with built in image stabilisator. Use as a final bath like a wetting agent. Do not wash out. No shift in image tone cased by stabilizing effect.

Wetting agent against streaks and spots on surfaces.

Archival wash. Speeds up washing times by 50%. Non toxic and biodegradable. Helps preserving washwater.

Selenium Toner. The classical way of stabilizing images.

Emulsion hardener for sensitive emulsions such as PWE Emulsion or for difficult processes such as the reversal process.