Extra Silver-rich Film

The last run of Silvermax is sold out. This film cannot be remanufactured at this point.

SILVERMAX has an increased silver content compared to regular negative films.

This enables it to built up a DMAX of >3,0 if reversal developed to a slide (in the Agfa Scala process), or reproduce up to 14 zones in the dedicated SILVERMAX Developer if developed to a negative.
This way SILVERMAX catches it all for you: the brightest highlights and the deepest shaddows.
SILVERMAX is incredibly sharp due to it´s anti-halation layer between the emulsion and the base.
The detail contrast is enhanced by this as well.

SILVERMAX features an extremely fine grain, comparable to tabular-crystal films.
His speed and covering effect comes from the high silver content.
SILVERMAX is coated onto clear triacetate and can be reversal processed in Agfa´s Scala process or any other b&w reversal process.


  • 35mm film 135/36

For more informations about the format limitation please read this.

Silvermax can be developed in almost any developer with good results. The dedicated Silvermax developer is formulated to “fit perfectly” and tweak the dynamics of the film beyond a regular level. So when using Silvermax developer you get something extra which you might not see with a conventional developer. In conventional developers results will be close to those achievable with APX 100 (old version-Made in Germany).