Scala Formats

We are aware of the fact that the user would like to see Scala in a 120 film format.

From current stocks this is impossible because this stock has been made for 35mm with a non curling layer designed for 35mm and coated onto 35mm base which is to thick for 120.

All stocks are slit to 35mm pancakes and frozen.

When we manufactured these stocks we used up “inherited” ingredients from Agfa´s. So to speak the base, the expensive sensitizers and other fine chemicals. This is why we can sell such an expensive to manufacture film at such a rock bottom price.

If we were to remanufacture this film and we had to buy the ingredients at today´s costs every roll would be so high in pure production costs that we have to sell it at or even above 10 EUR´s per roll. It would be difficult to sell the 120 film at 10 EUR´s  whilst the 35mm is still sold at 5 EUR´s. In fact we do not believe that we could sell any b&w film at 10 EUR´s in todays highly competitive film market.

Therefore we have decided to extend this decision for the day when the 35mm stocks are depleted and the general question about how to continue will come up.

Most likely the answer will be that we make a super fine slide film but not exactly what we are selling now. We will try to save costs on the base and the sensitizers by using more readily available components. This does not mean that the end product will be inferior. PET for example is by no means inferior to Triacetate. From an archival standpoint it is by far superior. This is why so many companies have switched to use it as a 120 base and this is also why it is more readily available and cheaper than clear triacetate by a lot. The same applies to the sensitizers. Agfa´s sensitizers were good but others are good as well.