ADOX CAPTURA Dust Binding Technology


NEW: ADOX CAPTURA* dust binding technology.

This innovative procedure binds small particles to larger conglomerates yielding dust free and odourless powders which dissolve faster in water.

Inhaling dangerous substances can now be almost fully avoided in the photo laboratory.

On top all possible contamination of the work space is prevented.

But CAPTURA does even more. It covers the crystals with a thin film and thus slows down oxidizing.

Once dissolved CAPTURA simply vanishes. CAPTURA is water soluble, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Powder chemicals are the future. They can be transported anywhere, last longer and weigh less than liquid mixes.

With CAPTURA the last reason not to go for powders is now eliminated.

At this point the following products can already be purchased with the new CAPTURA technology:


  • ADOTOL Konstant II



ADOX – Innovation In Analog Photography!

*CAPTURA is an Invention and registered Trademark of ADOX FOTOWERKE SWITZERLAND GMBH