Posted by Mirko Böddecker in NEWS

Rebuilding ILFORD´s former trial coating machine into a production machine

Since the trial coatings performed in March we have started to rebuilt the machine into a production machine.
The most important point is the coating quality so we started with the dryer. All seven huge fans have been removed (through the crawling paths in this “spaceship machine”) replaced by modern ones and the resulting increase in pressure is needed to fit air filtration which we dismanteled from ILFORD´s fomer production machine (Tunnel 4).
The fans and filter housings had to be sketched and custom made to fit so we lost a few weeks in the beginning. At present we have all fans installed and are working on the last filter boxes.
Then we can continue with trials (and then we need to trouble shoot as is the case with any large project :-).

Here´s a short video about the progress: