Polywarmtone progress

A bit of time has lapsed after the last update and we had inquiries if the project is continued at all. This can be answered with a clear “yes”.

The immediate follow up question ususally is: When will Polywarmtone be available?

This question cannot be answered easily. Everything in photo chemistry is outrageoulsy complex and cannot be predicted.

Even the “big” companies in the “old days” often needed 10 years to bring a new silver halide based product to the market and they had no less than 20-30 people in such a team.

We rely on three part time employes who work on this project next to the daily production.

Sometimes we are trapped for months in a vicious circle. In order to finance R&D we need to earn money but if we do so we have no time to work in the lab. As soon as we are in the lab money starts running out again since we do not produce anything and then we start from the beginning.

More HR´s are in sight. We managed to tap onto a EU structural funding and expect a team of two FTE´s to start bringing the projects to an end starting in the fall 2018.

In this moment we work on the effect of the stabilizers onto gradation and lithability.