First works on the coater

First works on the coater

We started working on the coater and web. After 10 years of sleep the Agfa technology was woken up and adopted. Later we will merge her with Ilford´s Swiss technololy.

The dry construction guys (actually a girl) finished the walls of the melting and coating control room. Once the dust has cleared we can continue on the web.

The coating table shown (with main drive, coating roller and measurement rollers) was responsible for millions of sqm´s of Agfa´s Precisa, Vista, Ultra, Scala and APX from 1994 until the end in 2004.

We reinstalled some passive web rollers to simulate the web travel in order to start calculating the new web-tension and torque for the new motors. The old DC motors will be replaced by new direct driven AC motors.

In the front is the swinging (!) coating roller. What a piece of luxury! Gap adjustment via a swinging roller against the cascade slide. Love it!

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