Discontinued: CHS 100 I


This film has been replaced by CHS 100 type II



CHS 100 is the highest speed film ADOX ever made in the 60ies and the one with the largest grain from the CHS series.
It has a wide exposure latitude and a very nice grayscale.

It is sensitized wider into red than the slower-speed films, yet still shows the charactersitic speed gap between blue and red which makes images captured on CHS films so unique.

If developed in ADONAL/RODINAL, this film becomes very sharp and has a high edge effect.
A very nice classic grain will be visible.
If you don´t like grain, use ATOMAL 49 or D76 to get more fine-grain results and less sharpness.

Speed: ISO 100 / 21 DIN

Reciprocity failure:

1/2 Sec. no change necessary

1 Sec. plus  1/6 stop (1,2x)

10 Sec. plus 1/3rd of a stop or exposure times (1.3x)

100 Sec plus 2/3rds of a stop or exposure times (1.5x)

Base material:
CHS 35mm and 120 films are coated onto clear 100 micron PET* with backing layer (Anti halation, scratch protection, Anti-Curling).
CHS 25 Sheetfilms are coated onto 170 micron Triacetat.

*Clear PET is sensitive to lightpiping where light shoots through the base and fogs the emulsion.
Please load and unload 35mm as well as 120 films in the shade/dark and always put them back into the black containers, which are provided for 35 as well as for 120 films together with the film.

Available sizes:

35mm 36 exp.
35mm / 30,5 Meter = 100ft bulk rolls
120 Film
Sheetfilm 6×9 cm 
Sheetfilm 9×12 cm
Sheetfilm 4×5″
Sheetfilm 13×18 cm
Sheetfilm 5×7″
Sheetfilm 8×10″
Sheetfilm 7×17″
Sheetfilm 11×14″
Sheetfilm 16×20″
Sheetfilm 20×24″
Other sizes upon inquiry and subject to minimum order quantities.


120 and sheetfilms should be prewatered in order to dissolve the supercoating equally and prevent streaks

1) Can be developed in almost any B/W developer

2) Stop with water only (do not use strong stopbath)

3) Fix in any fixer.

4) Water for 30 Minutes under running water with 20 deg C.

The standard processing temperature of 20 deg C should never be exceeded with those classic films. After 22 deg C the emulsion becomes very sensitive to scratching and above 25 deg C it can come off the film.

Developing time starting points:

Click here for developing times for ADOX CHS 100