EOL: Experimental color negative film (Sold Out / End Of Life)

Did your parents drop off a roll of film in the 70ies in a one dollar shop for cheap development and you just found it on your attic? In this case your images might look like if they were taken on color implosion.
Colour implosion fears the grain of an 800 ISO film combined with the effective speed of a 100 ASA film.
On top we pre-treated it so the color coupling system partially collapsed.
With this grain and these light desaturated colors no one will think that you are still shooting digital.
Welcome to the world of unpredictable truly analog results!

Limited edition. Available until about the middle of 2017.

Please note:
Color Implosion is an experimental film, designed to give you unpredictable truly analog image experiences.
This film is not intended to be a “proper” print film.
If your results are dissatisfying please check your negatives first and do not judge by a print or scan.
If your lab does not know that you are using a “strange” film they will try to filter out the 70ies summer colors away.
The result are grainy images with no color in a dirty-grainy grey- to brownish look.
Make sure to scan raw without auto correction and tell your mini lab to filter out only the mask but not the images.

For more pictures taken with Color Implosion: