ADOX acquires Ilford´s medium scale coating line

ADOX acquires Ilford´s medium scale coating line

In order to develop and produce a larger variety of analog products in the future ADOX has acquired Ilford´s 52cm medium scale coating machine in Marly, Switzerland in February 2015.

Having in house coating capabilities not only closes a gap and make ADOX a full analog factory- they also enable us to make all the products we ever dreamed of but never could due to high minimum coating volume restrictions.

We are here to secure your analog needs for many years to come.


ADOX – Let´s make film!


In the below video we have test driven the machine in March 2015. The coating is a three layer package featuring 2 simulated “emulsion” layers plus one protective coating. The two simulated emulsions are cyan died in order to evaluate the cross profile (evenness of the coating from left to right). The first coating is on film the second one and the image above on fibre paper. The test coatings were done in light so this is quite an interesting video. I think it´s the only video of a photographic film coating available because “real” emulsions have to be coated in total darkness.



 In the summer 2015 we started to convert the machine into a production machine. This video shows the progress until September. We had to change the 40 year old fans, clean the entire drying tunnel and installed air filtration which we dismanteled at Ilford´s main coating line (Tunnel 4).






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