Variotone Fibre Base Paper

Fine Print Variotone Glossy_

Warmtone FB paper on a pure white baryta base


ADOX Fineprint Variotone is  a newly developed warmtone paper made in cooperation with Harman Technology and Wolfgang Moersch. 
ADOX Fine Print Variotone is coated onto a bright white base and thus produces a maximum in tonal values from deep blacks to bright white highlights.
The paper is especially formulated to tone perfectly in various toners.

It is produced in glossy and semi matt and available in the following sizes:

  • 13×18 CM / 5×7″
  • 18×24 CM
  • 8×10″
  • 24×30 CM
  • 11×14″
  • 30×40 CM
  • 40×50 CM / 16×20″
  • 50×60 CM /20×24″

Filtration chart for colour heads