My First Film – Step 2


3) trimm off the edges about 2 mm in order to prevent the film from getting stuck in the film reel. Cut and trim again if you hit a perforation hole.






4) „Fumble“ the film into the plastic reel hoping not to get stuck and advancing it either by alternated pressing on the one and other side with your fingers and turning (Jobo tank) or by simply turning the reel back and forth (Paterson or AP with autoload function). If you get stuck try to gently push the film from the side with your fingers to get it going again. If this does not help open the spiral (reherse before you go into the dark the first time), take out the film and start over again.

5) Cut the film before the plastic axis or cartridge (if still atached to the film) at the very end (about 2-3 cm from the very end starts your last image!).

6) Push the core (black T-shaped stick stick with a hole inside) through the spiral all the way until the „T“ stops you from pushing further and place them both in the tank with the T- end on the bottom. The spiral should now be all the way down in the tank.

Close the tank by pushing or screwing on the upper part with the top lid on.

7) Switch on the light or exit the darkroom. The film is now secured from light and can be processed in any room at ambient light conditions. Do not take the tank into bright sunlight or place it directly under a strong lamp for safety reasons. Tanks are light tight but any plastic allows a certain very small amount of light to still penetrate. Infrared films need special care. Do not take infrared films out of very subdued lighting conditions in the tank.


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