New ADOX Inkjet Fibre Baryta And Fibre Monojet Papers

New ADOX Inkjet Fibre Baryta And Fibre Monojet Papers

Some customers might now fear that ADOX is turning into a digital company because we offer Inkjet papers as well. Please be assured this will not be the case. The opposite is true. These two papers can help to support and save analog photography.

How can this be?

First we feel that there is a need today to support the “output market” (enlarging or printing) in general. Photographic manufacturers live on paper not on film and while film is increasing again paper is staggering.

It seems that the value of high a quality print (retina is nothing in comparison) slowly shifts into oblivion due to convinience. So this market needs support and we want to do what we can.

Secondly ADOX Fibre Baryta is coated onto the exact same baryta base like our high quality analog papers. So in promoting this inkjet paper we actively support the availability of the paper raw base for both our analog and digital paper. Other “Baryta”- called papers are not coated on this base. Photographers working in a hybrid way can actively support analog by using this paper for their digital needs. Since it´s of the highest quality and -as ususal with ADOX- competitively priced here are good reasons to choose it.

As a third thought we´d like to bring up that a factory can only put out products in a competitive way if it is running at it´s optimal capacity. Adding Inkjet to the range enables us to be overall more powerful and profitable which also boosts the analog range.

We sincerely hope that the above explanations help to convince you that this a a good move foreward for analog and digital photography and not a threat to analog. We love film and paper too much to ever consider not making it anymore.

And frankly, who´s NOT using a digital camera today at all and who NEVER prints inkjet?

So now you can choose the paper for your digital needs from your favourite analog brand as well.


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