First Impressions on Polywarmtone

We have made two more coatings in the meantime and are finetuning the paper´s layer package on the cascade.

Paper from the first and second coating has been sent to selected master printers for their testing.

We have received back images from Wolfgang Moersch and Lina Bessonova (Florence) sofar.

Both are very pleased with the new Polywamtone and the response to various toners is stunning.

Wolfgang Moersch:

Moersch SE 6 COLD

Moersch SE 4 Neutral

Moersch SE 2 plus MT4 Polysulfidtoner

Moersch Meritol Developer

Moersch SE 4 Developer plus Selenium Toning

Lina Bessonova:

Up:Polywarmtone selenium toned, Ilford MG Selenium toned – Down: Polywarmtone untoned, Ilford MG untoned

Selenium Toner Response (fully toned)