Discontinued: ORTHO CT



Orthochromatic film with normal grade and ultrahigh resolution

This film has a normal contrast and can be devloped in any film or paper devloper.
It´s speed is quite low but the resolution exceeds 350 L/mm.
It´s normal use is to record electronic microscope images.

For Photography it can be used as an internegativfilm for alternative printing methods or to make slides from negatives or negatives from slides (contact prints).

It is more demanding in the production than ORTHO 25 or the economically priced display film and thus more expensive.

There is no development timetable or speed given because the use of the film is somewhat like a photopaper and depending on the process used.
Both parameters have to be obtained by trial and error in the dish under the red light (only dark red light).

If the film is used as a “film in a camera” (e.g. pinhole camera) it achieves about 6-12 ASA.

If you expose the film under the enlarger use a black cardboard underneath to prevent halation !