CHS 100 II Availability

CHS 100 II Availability

DSC09557DSC09229We are currently unable to supply CHS 100 II because we need to tranfer the coating of the film to our new production machine in Switzerland.

Actually we did not plan to do this in such a timely manner but our last coating partner decided not to be available to ADOX anymore.

Tests have been undertaken and we are still optimizing the machine at present. If all goes well we hope to be able to manufacture this film in house within the first or second quarter of 2018. Please understand that due to the complexitiy of the undertaking we cannot guarantee any date or give any more precise information about the timeline.

We will try to update this article as soon as we have relevant news.

May 2018: NEWS: The layers have been sucessfully reproduced. In the middle of May we plan to do the first “real” coating with “loaded” (light sensitive) emulsion.

NEWS 2019: The sheetfilm Version is back in stock.

NEWS 2020: The 35mm Version is available again.

120 Films are in preparation and depend on the forthcoming with the Slitter project.