ADOX Film Developers

A classical ascorbate developer formulary improved. No Hydroquinone, worldwide shipping in a postal parcel. Thanks to CAPTURA as safe in handling as a liquid concentrate.

Modern formulary for high sharpness, finest grain and very good speed utilisation. Low in hazardous substancces. Worldwide shippable in a postal parcel.

The most classic developer in continuous production. Formulated 1891 in Berlin by Agfa. Easy to use, high dilutions, one shot. The sharpest working developer there is. Ideal for large format and fine grain films.

The finest grain developer we have. Very forgiving and equalizing. If you don´t particulary look for sharpness the easiest to use and most reliable workhorse. Can be replenished and used in deep tanks. Stays good for very, very long.

Special developer for a straight curve and highest latitude. Works especially latitude increasing with high silver content films. Fights a “hanging” curve.

Specially formulates for HR-50. Bends the contrast of the film and lifts the shaddows. Ideal for technical films with elevated contrast.

Black and White reversal development brought to the next level of consumer friendlyness. Only two mono concentrates plus a clear bath powder bag and you create sparkling sharp slide images.