ADOX Films

ADOX CHS films are still made according to the recipes from the 1950s and are coated slowly on a historic dip and dunk machine.

This gives them their special character which cannot be achieved by fast modern spray-coating machines and also enables us to produce micro lots of only 10 000 films at a time.
This way we can keep exotic films like CHS 25 and CHS 50 in constant and fresh production.

ADOX CMS 20 is the highest resolving film in the world and can capture up to 800 l/mm in technical photography. Together with ADOTECH developer it achieves a full tonal separation and up to 300 l/mm, which still exceeds the resolution of all available lenses (except for scientific and NASA-space lenses).

ADOX ORTHO 25 Orthochromatic film for a slightly different view on the world