ADOX PAN 400 „First Coating“ to be released in July 2010

The last of the APX 400 films are leaving our warehouse these days. There is room for something new and exciting:

ADOX has reproduced the APX 400 together with former Agfa engineers while compensating the characteristik weaknesses of the old film.
The first coating is currently in confectioning and will be released in July at a special introductory price reflecting the current super-competitive price level of APX films.

„First Coating“ films have a limited shelf live and lack about 1/3rd of a stop in speed compared to the new AP 400 which will be released in August.
However compared to the currently available original APX 400 films, produced over 5 years ago, the quality of the film is superior.

„First Coating“ films will be sold as long as inventory lasts and are available only at
They come without a cardboard box in a generic 400 ASA DX C-41 cartridge.
This is the only horses shoe in the equation. You can´t send „First Coating“ films off to a big lab as they will get confused and probably run the film through the colour process which leads to unusable negatives.

In August we plan to introduce the first final AP 400 films in 120 and 35mm.

Sheetfilms will follow shortly after that.



ADOX PAN 400 Films

AgfaPhoto in Leverkusen went into receivership in 2005 and all attempts to save it failed.
Since November 2006 the company is beeing liquidated.

ADOX has acquired together with former research engineers of AgfaPhoto machines and KnowHow from the liquidator.

These engineers managed to remanufacture a new APX while avoiding the weaknesses of the old emulsion.
The emulsion is beeing made on genuine Agfa equipment and coated on Agfa´s former coating line now owned by a new company.

ADOX improoved the film in the following ways:

  • The graation was straightened which leads to an improoved copy range.
  • The old AgBrJ-Emulsions were replaced by more modern ones which have sensitomterically- and technological advantages. This leads especially to finer grain.
  • The new emulsions bring AP 400 to a true 400 ASA speed.
  • The film has been donated a modern AHU layer which increases sharpness and eliminates halation.

Formats to be produced:

  • Pocket-Films (110)
  • 35mm films
  • Medium format films, 120 films
  • Sheetfilms 4x5"
  • Sheetfilms 5x7"
  • Sheetfilms 8x10"

Other sheetfilm sizes on request.