Your Career at ADOX



  • ADOX Bad Saarow (Berlin)  is currently looking for a mechanic/mechatronic in part time. We welcome retired persons for this job.


  • ADOX Bad Saarow (Berlin)  is looking for a long term partnership with a chemical engineer or skilled senior lab technician to learn from us for many years how to make emulsions, for films and papers. We seek a very long term employee who is willing to tie himself/herself to our company  and location and who is in the ideal case a little bit film-crazy like we are. In the very best case you are still studying chemistry and start your practical terms with our company. If you have recently finished your studies it´s a perfect match as well. You will have to be willing to travel to our partner company in Marly Switzerland (not the worse thing to do!) to learn from the “master of crystals” Jürgen and “coating chief” Meinrad.
  • ADOX Marly (Switzerland) is seeking former Ilford employes from the lab-technician field. We need skilled persons who know how to work with photographic emulsions. If you have worked at Ilford´s within a lab and you know how to run recipess and make dispersions (in the dark) send your aplication to info (at) adox (dot) ch

We prefer email job aplications.

Please allow a few words about out location. We are located in Bad Saarow, Brandenburg about 65 km away from the city center of Berlin. The Regio-Express to Frankfurt follows the main east-west train tracks in Berlin and from almost anywhere close to this train track (Zoo Station, Friedrichstraße, Hauptbahnhof, East-Bahnhof, Ostkreuz) you can get here within 60 minutes. Within the next years the train tracks will be remodeled to a high speed city connect line. After this is completed the travel time will reduce to less than 45 minutes. By then this is not more than a regular trip within Berlin. Our Factory shares its own train station with the nearby hospital. You get here entirely by train. Bad Saarow is a prosperous town surrounding the famous Scharmützlsee Lake. The village has been built as a garden-city in the late 1800´s.  Today Bad Saarow features world class hotels, gourmet restaurants, a hot dwell spa,  and a superior infrastructure including a theater, cinema, gourmet-shop, cafes, ice cafes, banks and everything else one might need to have a comfortable live. Unfortunately prices in town are on the upper end as well but there are many surrounding villages with very moderate house prices.

For any Berliner aplying for a job in our factory we will cover the train ticket in addition to the salary.