Discontinued: Lux Liquide


Liquid Emulsion Variable Grade, 250 ml

Light sensitive emulsion to be applied onto any surface such as linnen, paper, wood, stones, glass. metall etc.
The coated object can then be handled like photopaper and exposed under a dark red safelight and developed the usual way.
The emulsion has a variable grade and can be controled with any VC-filterset (e.g. ADOX, Ilford, Paterson) in the range from about grade 2 to grade 4.
Please keep in mind that 3 dimensional objects cannot be exposed by an enlarger without focus degradation towards the closer or further away areas from the focusing field.

Some surfaces are chemically active and thus need to be coated with pure gelatine or some other substance which separates the emulsion from the surface. There are some water based paints available which will do so however we cannot give any guarantee that the image will be stable over years if the base material used is not neutral and chemically inactive. Smooth surfaces like glass are extremely difficult to coat and again here some pre coating might help. We have had good experience with Vaseline.
The emulsion needs to be heated in a warm water bath to make it liquid and then can be applied with a spoon or brush on the desired surface. The consitency of the emulsion once warmed up is somewhat comaparable to thick milk. After you have apllied it most evenly it needs to dry over a period of several days to fully harden.
If you do not harden it enough it might come off in the developer later !
Always coat some spare base for exposure sample prints.
Add hardener to the fixer and wash gently to prevent any emulsion lift off from the base material.