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ADOX acquires Ilford´s medium scale coating line

In order to develop and produce a larger variety of analog products in the future ADOX has acquired Ilford´s 52cm medium scale coating machine in Marly, Switzerland in February 2015. Having in house coating capabilities not only closes a gap and make ADOX a full…

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NEUTOL ECO is a hydroquinone free paper developer für neutral black image tones. There are no restrictive hazmat precautions to watch when working with this developer. He starts quickly and needs shorter developing times than conventional developers. On top NEUTOL ECO is featuring the best…

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MCC Developer

Fine Art Developer For Multigrade Papers The best ADOX developer for neutral-black image tones. From the heydays of analogue photography: Agfas* last big blast. Especially formulated for MCC variable contrast photopaper yielding deepest blacks and extremely well separated midtones. This developer is formulated for highest…

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CMS 20 reversal processed (slide)

We received stunning slides from our customer Henning Serger who had them processed over at Studio 13´s in Stuttgart in their Scala process. The resolution is impressive. You can keep blowing up the slide until the lamp of your projector gives up and still you…

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Because of the many inquiries about the status of the Polywarmtone Resurrection Project we would like to post the up to date status. The image in the back is original Forte Polywarmtone coated 2007 and the stripe covering it is our version. Both images were…

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Visit us at Photokina 2014 in Cologne (September 16th to September 21st). You find us in Hall 2.1 on Booth B036a.

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MCC now available in semi matt as well

MCC is now also manufactured in semi-matt. We have matched the surface to our other fibre base paper: Variotone. The paper is being cut this week and will show in the fotoimpex shop from next week on.  

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ADOX Chemical bottles with new plug and dosing system

We are shifting over from our known type of caps to the new ones with a plug and dosing system.   This way you can measure our liquid concentrates more easily. The security plug has a second function as a dosing system and remains on…

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Polywarmtone featuring Multigrade

Finally we have a good gradation range again but filter values are out of range (you would need to set totally different values than with other papers to achieve the soft or hard grade). You can see the PW new filtered to hard and soft-…

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ADOX Selenium Toner

ADOX Selenium Toner Stays Available despite of all the back and forth with the EU regulations our much loved ADOX Selenium toner can stay in commerce. We had to change the concentration of the main ingredient Potassiumselenite to comply with once again increased restrictions and...